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Apple earphones bad?

March 30, 2010

The other day I had a pair of apple earphones that I was about ready to trash! I had tried everything!

Nothing seemed to work, that was until I tried lightly blowing and sucking in the earbud! YEA, right where you listen to music or what ever!

And it fixed it like magic!

Try it for your self!


Hacking the Verizon Network Extender – Part 2

March 28, 2010

So here it comes!

The latest news!

So where I left off in part one we still needed to get back down to the US for more testing, this post will be talking about that a bit.

With Verizon Network Extender back at it’s home it was ready to give some service!

On the above photo you will notice a few LEDs these are the status LEDs.

The power LED is blue if  the device has power.

The system LED is the status of whether this device is connected to verizon’s network.(BTW it has to be blue for the device to work)

The GPS LED, this LED is blue if it has a good signal from the device. If not it is Red.

And last there is the LAN LED that shows network activity etc.

Trip 1

On trip one we recorded the serial signals coming from the Network Extender(Photo Below)

At this point the code for the AVR wasn’t finished.

This turned out to be kind of a bother because we couldn’t test it using the AVR to replace the signals coming from the gps and test it in the US at the same time.

Back in Canada

My brother got the code finished up and the output looking the same as the US Signals.

But there was a problem!

The GPS LED would turn a NICE blue, But the system LED stayed a BAD red!

Trip 2

Back in the US we decided to test the system just like we had it in canada, But no go!

Had verizon blocked us? Thankfully Not!

At this point we discovered something very interesting!

The time that our test phone showed was the same as the time that we recorded the signal!

Kinda strange to see the phone showing 4pm when it was 9pm!

But if that system LED was red there was no dialing out! NONE! LOL

If we bridged the GPS back to normal it all worked! Strange!

Where to go next

We think that part of the System check includes, checking the time that’s coming from the GPS and comparing it too their server time.

Also we are checking the second I/O port on the GPS for use.

We are also looking into setting up a US proxy.

Hack the whole thing?

Here’s a photo of the Network Extender’s I/O Port.

Maybe one of you reading this would like to do this! I think that it would be so cool to hack it to a point that you could use asterisk for switching!

Hope to have another update soon, keep checking back!

Asterisk and Notepad++

March 27, 2010

Ever looked for a text editor that would highlight asterisk dialplan?

Now you have it!

Using Notepad++ and a custom language.

You can download it below


How to use:

Locate where your userDefineLang.xml is

Dependent on your installation configuration, it’s either in \Documents and Settings{your profile name}\Application Data\Notepad++\userDefineLang.xml or Notepad++ installation folder\userDefineLang.xml

Put the file there, and you are good to go!

If any one finds a problem please let me know!

CC/CV Single cell Lipo / Li-ion DIY Charger

March 18, 2010

Thought that you all might want to see this! A charger I built to replace a cheap one I bought from china…
It uses magnets to connect to the battery terminals and supports constant current/constant voltage and will trickle charge if the voltage is below like 1.6 volts…. The current is set via an external resistor! For the charger I built below I used a 1.3k resistor! which provided about 769ma’s of charging current during the constant current phase….The charge also cuts off at 1/10 of the charge rate after the Constant Voltage Phase!

The Charger is built around the TOREX Semiconductor’s XC6802 Single Chip Lion / Lipo charger IC.
Be sure to order it in the SOT-89 Package which is the largest they have, Still really small 🙂
Digikey Stocks the unit and has the best price!

If you want more details just leave a comment!

Cheap CC/CV Diy Lipo/Lion Charger Circut Diagram

Ic on board

Lipo/Li-ion Charger

Lipo/Lion Charger

Above is pictures of the charger before I potted it in a heat sink to help with heat and after I potted it in a heat sink! It looks really nice! And works equally well! The Orange LED indicates the charge status.
The LED is on when the battery is charging.

Below is a pic of a charger that I ordered from DealExtreme…A typical el-cheap’e-do lion charger!
It only dose Constant Current, No Constant Voltage phase and has no trickle charge start if the voltage is nominal…. In addition to that it charges the batteries to 4.32 volts!!!! And dose not cut-off after charge is complete! Basicly, It destroys your batteries and at the same time posing a risk to your house and belongings, And life itself!

iPhone SMS like Chat

March 17, 2010

Well a few days ago I decided that I wanted to learn css!

And I thought that you might want to check it out! If you like drop me a line and I’ll email you the source code!

P.S. I’m sure that there are many improvements to be made, but let me know what you think!


User1: Someone

User2: Someone-else