CC/CV Single cell Lipo / Li-ion DIY Charger

Thought that you all might want to see this! A charger I built to replace a cheap one I bought from china…
It uses magnets to connect to the battery terminals and supports constant current/constant voltage and will trickle charge if the voltage is below like 1.6 volts…. The current is set via an external resistor! For the charger I built below I used a 1.3k resistor! which provided about 769ma’s of charging current during the constant current phase….The charge also cuts off at 1/10 of the charge rate after the Constant Voltage Phase!

The Charger is built around the TOREX Semiconductor’s XC6802 Single Chip Lion / Lipo charger IC.
Be sure to order it in the SOT-89 Package which is the largest they have, Still really small 🙂
Digikey Stocks the unit and has the best price!

If you want more details just leave a comment!

Cheap CC/CV Diy Lipo/Lion Charger Circut Diagram

Ic on board

Lipo/Li-ion Charger

Lipo/Lion Charger

Above is pictures of the charger before I potted it in a heat sink to help with heat and after I potted it in a heat sink! It looks really nice! And works equally well! The Orange LED indicates the charge status.
The LED is on when the battery is charging.

Below is a pic of a charger that I ordered from DealExtreme…A typical el-cheap’e-do lion charger!
It only dose Constant Current, No Constant Voltage phase and has no trickle charge start if the voltage is nominal…. In addition to that it charges the batteries to 4.32 volts!!!! And dose not cut-off after charge is complete! Basicly, It destroys your batteries and at the same time posing a risk to your house and belongings, And life itself!


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4 Responses to “CC/CV Single cell Lipo / Li-ion DIY Charger”

  1. Chris Says:

    Very cool circuit. Where do I get the chip. I am interested in building a bank charger for 18650 cells that can charge say 10-20 Series I am building bike batteries so I want all the cells fully charged and the same voltage before assembly. It’s VERY tedoius to individually charge these I am working with hundreds. Any advice I am semi new to this but I need to build or acquire special purpose chargers for packs too I dont want to buy them from china..

  2. Marcel Says:

    I have to say that these ultrafire chargers are not that bad. if you have one, that overcharges your batteries, you obviously have acquired a copy. the “original” one does blink once a second green while checking voltage and shuts off at 4.18-4.21V. That is at least what mine does.
    However, i also want to get some of these chips..where to get the xc6802?

  3. Chong Says:

    I often don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing job, wonderful. Very much appreciated information!

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