Office 2007 upgrade on windows 7?

Well allot of what I do is tech support for my clients, and just today I ran in to a problem that google couldn’t solve!

So I thought that I’d post the solution to the problem so it might be a benefit to you!


Some new dell windows 7 PCs

Office XP

and a upgrade to Office 2007


Office 2007 on windows 7


Office XP won’t install on windows 7.

The upgrade requires a previous version to work.

So here’s the most important part, the solution!

I called Microsoft up, the Indian guy that answered the phone was pretty helpful compared to most big companies.

He said that he could help me if I had a Microsoft copy(which I did) He then proceeded in emailing me a link to download the whole thing! YEA!!!!

For you convenience I’ve posted it here

Hope that this helps some of you!

Let me know if you have any issues!

Please note that you must own a valid copy of Microsoft 2007 upgrade before this will work.


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One Response to “Office 2007 upgrade on windows 7?”

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