Cellular, Radio, and Hacking

A number of you have commented on my hacking the Verizon Network Extender page, so I wanted to just give you a bit of an update. Several months we discovered that the “HDMI” port on the bottom allowed for serial access to the Linux OS. One of our guys was able to gain Root access to the device.  So I’m sure it’s possible to do all the hacking from a totally software aspect, I didn’t really see a huge future in this device so I haven’t done further hacking on it. But it remains open for anyone who wants a challenge.

After my hacking on the VNE, I realized that OpenBTS might have some future. But after working for over two years to get licensing for testing, I realized that spectrum was the real problem, not hardware.

Now being involved with Ham radio, all the spectrum they have to use came to mind, why couldn’t that be used? I realized that there were plenty of software hackers out there, but not that many hardware hackers that would go out and make a radio, so I decided that would be the best use of my effort. I started work on this new radio in late 2011, and just now have the first prototypes put together. I have a website up for this new radio www. hamcell.com The basic idea is a digital radio that will work on Ham radio frequencies, allowing for messaging, full-duplex voice, and location services.  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


2 Responses to “Cellular, Radio, and Hacking”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How did your guy get root? I’m still stumped.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh…and there are TONS of cool things you can do once you get a root shell on something like this. Unsolicited access to Verizon’s mobile core network? Yes please! If only I could get there….

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