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Micro Hydro Electronic Load Controller Scada

March 31, 2014

Hey guys! ¬†Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile… Been busy working on this low power internet enabled Monitor and Control board..

Right now It’s got 8X 24 bit Analog Inputs that sample at up to 16ksps each and 8X high current DC outputs to control loads.

It makes for a very affordable Class 0.1 3 polyphase energy meter / monitor with snmp support to poll all the power vectors… Reactive Power, Real Power, Power Factor, Frequency, Voltage, etc… ¬† It also supports DC inputs such voltage and current for off grid solar systems..

It’s fully compatible with the cacti, zabbix and emoncms which each provide flexible web based logging and visualization of data gathered from the board.

Anyways.. Guess we’ll see how it goes!

Micro Hydro Electronic Load Controller Diagram


Oscilloscope Phase View showing waveform from current transformer attached to Power Factor Correction Capacitors… The onboard webserver also provides an oscilloscope

Android app oscilloscope view


PCB Board and Current Transformers