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Frustrations with software these days(Part 1)

September 26, 2010

Ok, myabe I shouldn’t be putting this up here, but I am!
So here we go! Over the last year or so, software makers(Skype, Google, Etc.) have been trying to stay with what, I call the Vista trend. Also known as bloat-ware, it’s when some thing that should be 5 MBs becomes 50 or even a 100 MBs! Then BOOM all of a sudden one by one, the new versions where showing up around 500KB, had there been some kind of a revolution? I hate to say this but, it was quite the opposite! It was an advanced effort to hide the fact that it was no longer 50MBs, but a 100(Or maybe allot more, no one really knows!) As for my little rant, well I’ve just been doing his in the time it took Google Earth to Download(On high speed). 🙂 BTW I feel sorry for any one on dial up, you remember what that is, Right? You know phone lines and all! LOL Well those people get less of the Internet then I did, when I had it! 🙂 Oh, did you want the easy fix(without having all of them rewrite the code) Here you will find all kinds of software, but old versions(they aren’t so bad)!